Perfect Gift Ideas for a Jewish Wedding

You are probably invited to a Jewish wedding; however, you have no idea of the right gift to give the couple. Certainly, you have the option t purchase items off their registry, in case they have one, but you need to take into account some special traditions in terms of Jewish wedding gifts. Here are some categories of appropriate and useful gifts for Jewish couples.

Friday Night Essentials

Giving a wedding present that is related to Shabbat is that it allows the couple to utilize and appreciate your gift each week. Shabbat starts with candle-lighting and blessing. To shine in the first house of the couple, it is a good idea to give them a pair of candlesticks.

A table that is full of guests does not need to mean plenty of work for the hosts. To make wine bottle opening a snap, a lever-style rabbit corkscrew can be a great gift idea to newlyweds. Also, to pour kiddush wine for guests, kiddush fountain with nine cups should be in a Jewish home. Traditionally, following the kiddush, guests will wash their hands to prepare themselves for the blessing over the challah. The custom can be observed by the couple in a stylish way with a stainless steel washing cup.

Keeping a Nice Kosher Kitchen

Kitchen organization and the ease of preparation are other wedding gift genres especially in a kosher kitchen. An affordable and great way to help newlyweds stay organized, you can give them a three-piece cutting board set for preparing dairy, meat and pareve foods.

Also, for couples who like a good old dish such as brisket, a Dutch oven is a perfect gift. Or if they like cholent on a cold Shabbat day, they will appreciate your crockpot. And remember the potatoes. Their potato -grating can be made easy through a food processor.

Judaica for Rounding Out a Jewish House

Whether the couple wants to host Passover seders and use a seder plate or to have family or friends over for Hanukkah and use some more menorahs, help them in building their Judaica collection.  The couple’s Sukkot etrog can be stored in style in a wooden etrog box. A havdalah set is something that they make use of every week in order to say goodbye to Shabbat. Also, a Jewish home can be made complete with a mezuzah. As couples start to build a new life together, they will need many mezuzot so duplicates are fine.


The kitchen of a newlywed couple is the best area to experiment with recipes as it is full of brand new dishes and cookware. It is a great idea to give classic cookbooks and new takes on a kosher cooking. These can be great gifts for those who want to come up with their recipe repertoire. A lot of cookbooks provide the whole kosher cooking megillah with professional tips from seasoned chefs. For a modern twist, modern-menu cookbooks area great find.  For newlyweds who are looking to have plenty of soup options, a soup kosher collection cookbook is truly a perfect gift.