Make Your Proposal One to Remember with a Great Engagement Ring

This is the moment you’ve dreamed about for years. You’ve replayed it over and over in your mind, the question, the answer— “Yes, oh yes!”—and thunderous applause from the people around you. You’ve figured out how you want to kneel, how you want to phrase it, and you have the very inflection and tone of your voice down pat. There’s just the one thing missing to make this the perfect wedding proposal.

The ring

Of course, a wedding proposal without the ring is like an opera without its star diva—the show might go on, but the absence is simply too much to go unfelt or unnoticed. Thankfully, if you’re still taking your time on picking out the perfect ring for your soon-to-be betrothed, there are a few last minute tips which can help you track down the best engagement rings in Houston. There are many different potential futures for you and your beloved and many different engagement rings from which to choose, so let’s get started.

The Solitaire Classic

This is the type of ring which most immediately comes to mind when people think of an engagement ring. It’s big, it’s diamond, and most importantly of all, it grabs people’s attention. The Solitaire design is a classic not just because it looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, but because the manner in which the diamond is positioned makes it stand out from the band and your hand to declare to the world, hey, you’re taken! Add to that the elegant band work, the sculpting which accompanies such a piece, and the fairy tale connotations, and you have the perfect ring to make you Prince Charming to some lucky Princess out there (or vice versa!)

The Modern Accentuated Option

For as great and immortal as the classics are, styles change, and right now what’s hot are modern rings which accentuate the bands with a variety of different diamonds studding its surface. There’s naturally a lot of variety here, which is part of the point. This is the perfect opportunity to pick out the perfect design and prove to your fiancée-to-be that you two are in sync. Of course, a great way to do that is to spring for a custom ring design. After all, nothing says “Be Mine” like “One of a Kind,” and you can bet they’ll appreciate the effort you go through to come up with something that’s perfect and just for them.

A Holy Trinity in Wedding Diamonds

For those looking to capitalise on today’s trends without venturing into the wild and crazy world of customization, there’s a hot new option on the market. Rings which feature three diamonds are some of the hottest on the market right now and perfect for those looking to get their brides and grooms something that’s the envy of everyone else. The three rings have a fair bit of symbolism to them too, standing for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, signifying your past, present, and future lives together.

Heed all that and get them the type of engagement ring they won’t forget.

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