5 Creative and Affordable Table Centerpieces

The table centerpieces at your wedding are a great way to make a distinct statement about your personal style. Most weddings are decorated with roses, orchids, and carnations throughout the venue, but buying real flowers is not only incredibly expensive, it’s borderline cliché at this point. That’s why so many brides are choosing to create table centerpieces that skip flowers all together and go for a more creative option. Here are 5 table centerpiece ideas that are both creative and affordable along with some tips on keeping your centerpieces budget-friendly in general.

Paper Flowers

Whether you buy them or fold them yourself, paper flowers are much more unique and less expensive than real flowers. Choosing paper flowers also frees you up to choose whatever colors or designs that you want to make a more colorful display at your tables. Additionally, practicing origami is a known stress reliever which is something most brides could use while planning their wedding.


Another fun option is to create photo centerpieces for your tables using pictures of the bride and groom. You can use photos that you’ve amassed over your relationship as well as your favorites from your engagement photos to create incredibly thoughtful and personal centerpieces. They sell “frames” that you simply insert your own photos into. Or you can just create them yourself as a craft project.


Candles are often used as part of a wedding centerpiece, but rarely are they the focal point. Consider getting some old candlestick holders and creating a “bouquet” of candles in the center of each table. It will add a cool touch to your décor, and it will also add some neat ambient lighting to your venue.


Using sparklers in your centerpieces is another creative way to create something out of the ordinary. You can place a bunch of loose sparklers in vases instead of flowers, or you can just place them in the center of each table still in their packaging. There are many places to get sparklers specifically for wedding receptions that will match your décor without having to do any extra work yourself. Your guests will really enjoy using the sparklers during your wedding and you’ll love how inexpensive and unique your centerpieces will turn out.


You can never go wrong with candy on your tables, and if you go big with the concept you can use candy as your primary centerpiece. All you need to do is get a large jar or vase and have it so full of candy that it’s “overflowing” onto the table. To keep things as cheap as possible, try to buy hard candies and small items like Tootsie Rolls that take up a lot of space for very little money.

General Tips

No matter what you use to make your centerpieces, there is always a way to make it more affordable. You don’t need solid crystal vases for you centerpieces, just get cheap plastic or glass ones from your local dollar store. You don’t need real flowers; you can replace them with paper flowers or even wedding sparklers which cost much less money. By focusing on creativity when putting your centerpieces together, you can free up budget space for other items to make your wedding better.